Create clarity for a common purpose

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Why create clarity for a common purpose?

How would you feel if you had:

  • More time to think and plan, giving your business the help it really needs?
  • More time to spend with family, friends, or on hobbies?
  • More time to relax and less stress?
  • Fewer costly staff turnovers, less sick days and absenteeism?
  • The tools to create clarity for a common purpose?

Stop counterproductive activities and behaviours

Start by asking yourself:

  • How clear are your company’s goals and purpose to your employees?
  • What does your ideal workspace look like?

Then, ask your team:

  • What can we do so we don’t succeed in creating clarity around our goals and purpose? Stay with me on this.
  • Which of those (negative) examples are we already doing?

By asking these questions, you:

  • Quickly reveal when a purpose is missing and avoid moving forward without clarity.
  • Make it possible to speak the unspeakable and get skeletons out of the closet (what shouldn’t we do but are doing).
  • Make space for positive change and innovation.
  • Lay the ground for creative destruction by doing the hard work in a fun way.
  • Build trust by acting all together to remove barriers.

Create clarity for a common purpose.

Why clarity works so well

You can have more time for whatever you want and need when you create clarity for your people.

It will help you to create clear goals together and give timely feedback.

People like to work for themselves and when they are given the clarity and responsibility to achieve their goals however they feel is best, they will find the best way.

When you do your best to help your team work better, you can look for improvements together and be a great benefit to your business.

Fact: Most people want to do a good job!

So, support your people by making sure everyone is clear on the company’s purpose and their goals.

Now ask yourself and your team: What can we do to counteract existing behaviour and start to create clarity for a common purpose? To find out more, book onto my next ‘Working better together – create clarity’ workshop.

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