Who you will work with.

Katrin Kircheis

Why do we resign to bad workplace conditions?

Sometimes I dream that I’m back at my old place of work. I usually wake up anxious and sad and am stuck with this feeling all day. So I do the work I do hoping that I can prevent others from experiencing horrible workplaces and bosses.

I improve workplace cultures so you can go to work without feeling anxious.

A great workplace culture boosts employee engagement and productivity, improves your customer service and profitability, so you have more time, money, and energy to focus on your purpose.

I help you and your team perform at your best, so work is less of a struggle and more innovative.

I love practicing traditional and modern methodologies including 70-20-10, Social Learning, Design Thinking and Prototyping. I am a leading member of the grassroots movements Reinventing Work and Engage For Success.


KiKa Services vision, mission, and aims

We are dreaming of a world where it is true that all people are treated fairly and equally.

We support businesses to thrive by improving the relationships within their teams. You will get:

  1. Online resources and workshops on how to better work together.
  2. A review of your current strategies to pinpoint your pain points.
  3. Guidance on methodologies that set up the right relationships with your people.

Be the next Workplace Hero.

Because a great workplace is great for business.