Who you will work with.

Katrin Kircheis

Why do we resign to bad workplace conditions?

Sometimes I dream that I’m back at my old place of work. I usually wake up anxious and sad and am stuck with this feeling all day. So I do the work I do hoping that I can prevent others from experiencing horrible workplaces and bosses.

I improve workplace cultures so you can go to work without feeling anxious.

A great workplace culture boosts employee engagement and productivity, improves your customer service and profitability, so you have more time, money, and energy to focus on your purpose.

I help you and your team perform at your best, so work is less of a struggle and more innovative.

I love practicing traditional and modern methodologies including 70-20-10, Social Learning, Design Thinking and Prototyping. I am a leading member of the grassroots movements Reinventing Work and Engage For Success.


KiKa Services vision, mission, and aims

We are dreaming of a world where it is true that all people are treated fairly and equally.

We support businesses to implement people-focused processes within their teams by:

  1. Offering online resources and workshops on how to better work together.
  2. Reviewing your current strategies to pinpoint your pain points.
  3. Guiding you on methodologies that set up the right relationship with your people.

Making you the next Workplace Hero.

Because a great workplace is great for business.